Men's Health


Men’s health is such an important issue and it is quite common for some men to ignore their symptoms until they progress to an unbearable level; only seeing a health professional as a “last resort.” In contrary, the incidence of male health problems is steadily rising, due to an increase in stress, working hours and waistlines and a decrease in exercise levels.


The stress of modern life often tends to be the root of illness or a major contributing factor to the progression of disharmony and disease. It is important to address health issues quickly and with minimum discomfort, so conditions do not progress to a stage where a condition becomes chronic. Acute or minor health problems are much more manageable and easier to treat than chronic, long term conditions. Investing time into your health when your condition is manageable will see you save a lot of time, money and stress in the future.


 As a male in our society, it is often hard to express feelings and emotions. In Chinese Medicine we see unexpressed emotional states as common causatives of disease, furthermore increasing the need for support and treatment of men’s emotional health issues; not just physical health.


We at North Eastern Chinese Medicine can assist you to reach your optimum health levels by firstly providing you with a diagnosis based on questioning, palpation, tongue and radial pulses, then by tailoring a plan specifically to your body, and your needs using Acupuncture and herbal medicine as well as other Chinese medicine techniques. We will also give you valuable advice as to how to prevent health issues from occurring in the future.


If you have a condition you would like treated, whether minor or complicated, or if you have been let down by conventional treatments in the past, Chinese Medicine can assist you in finding your way to better health.

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