Women's Health


Women’s health can be a very private subject, and often there are sensitive issues surrounding different female health conditions; a woman’s body follows a complex series of hormonal changes throughout the monthly cycle, and also throughout her life, which requires special attention and treatments to follow the ebb and flow of these cycles.

At optimum function, a woman’s menstrual cycle should occur approximately every 28 days, without pain or premenstrual symptoms. If you are experiencing any problems associated with your monthly cycle, such as amenorrhea or light periods, heavy or painful periods, clotting, emotional fluctuations, early, late or skipped periods, your body is generally indicating that there is an imbalance.


At North Eastern Chinese Medicine we address women’s health conditions with utmost care and confidentiality, we successfully use acupuncture and natural medicine to identify the underlying cause of these conditions according to the latest clinical evidence.


Chinese medicine is beneficial and unique to treat women’s health issues because rather than treating everybody the same based on one diagnosis, we have a unique diagnosis system which incorporates every symptom occurring in your body at the time of the consultation; we will ask you an array of different questions ranging from your digestion to your menstrual cycle, we look at your tongue and feel the radial pulses to diagnose your condition in Chinese Medicine.


We tailor a treatment plan specifically for you, and use Acupuncture and other treatments like herbal medicine and supplements to treat your physical and emotional health, meanwhile giving you lifestyle and dietary advice to assist with your treatment plan and to prevent health issues from reoccurring.


If you have a condition you would like treated, whether minor or complicated, or if you have been let down by conventional treatments in the past, Chinese Medicine can help you along your journey to get the result you are looking for to obtain your optimum health.


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